Do we need to bring beach towels?

I’ve pared down our packing list to the bare bones, but I realize that beach towels are not provided in the self-serve apartment we are renting in Lake Garda. I checked with the hotel that is hosting the apartment, and they said no one on the beach rents towels, either. It seems we have no choice but to pack our own beach towels. I searched this topic before I posted this, and the only suggestions I saw were to either use a travel towel, or a sarong. Neither of those are good options for me, because the XX Large travel towel is $45 per towel and there are five in our family. And the sarongs, well, the three guys in my family won’t want to use a sarong as a towel. And they aren’t particularly absorbent.

I also considered just buying towels while at the lake, and leaving them, but again, even at, say, 10 euros a pop, that’s 50 euros for towels and seems far too pricey. And they might be more than that.

Is there something I’m missing here, or does everyone pack their own beach to

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